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Consulting services

My experience can be yours.

I help people improve their data practices. I consult in system design and architecture. I coach teams on effective data management and development practices. I deliver solutions from ideation through design and development in project engagemets. And I give technical trainings on theory and practice. I help people deliver solutions that are correct, efficient, and scalable. And, I help you learn how to do the same.

I do this through deep and varied experience. My expertise spans industries, platforms, and technologies. From manufacturing to finance, retail to healthcare, aviation to professional services, from fraud analysis to historical data mining, real time monitoring to forecasting, from arcane technologies and sources to the latest in analytics and reporting, from rapid prototyping and design to architecting and delivering mission-critical applications, my breadth of experience and understanding of the whole technology ecosystem is extremely effective for finding novel and efficient solutions to your problems.

Clients work with me because:

  1. They know I can help them make the right decisions for their current and future needs. They trust me to deliver, no matter the problem domain.

  2. They want someone who can deeply understand their business and niche, while bringing vast experience of other domains and approaches. Having worked throughout the technology stack and across industries, I easily identify solutions from disparate domains that can help solve your problems.

My specific expertise is in all things data, with expert-level knowledge of knowledge of SQL, relational database systems, DAX, M, Microsoft Analysis Services; on Windows and all Unix-like systems; in the domains of database engineering, data modeling, advanced analytics and business intelligence, and more. I design and build high-performance data intensive applications regardless of platform.

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